2023, SEPTEMBER 03 – Exciting news awaits Final Fantasy XVI fans! A brand-new free update patch 1.10 has just been released, offering alternate costumes for various characters, including our protagonist, Clive Rosfield. Furthermore, Square Enix has introduced the ability to customise Clive’s weapon appearances, along with a stunning new addition to his arsenal—the Onion Sword!

The patch doesn’t stop at cosmetic enhancements; it also incorporates vital gameplay adjustments based on invaluable player feedback. Among the most noteworthy changes is the expedited activation of Eikonic abilities following a successful parry. Aerial combos against smaller adversaries have been skillfully refined, making them more accessible to execute. Furthermore, ability descriptions now feature cooldown details, offering a quick and insightful view of combat mechanics. Full patch notes available here.

And if that wasn’t enough to fuel your excitement, brace yourself for more thrilling news. In a brief video update, the renowned producer Naoki Yoshida confirms the development of two paid DLCs for Final Fantasy XVI. While the exact scope of these DLCs remains a mystery, they are anticipated to expand upon the game’s narrative and world. Yoshida acknowledges that fans have expressed a deep desire to delve further into Valisthea‘s captivating story and spend additional time with its inhabitants.

But there’s one more surprise in store! Yoshida unveils that an official PC port is officially in progress, opening up new horizons for the game’s accessibility. Stay tuned for forthcoming updates, as more information about both the eagerly awaited DLCs and the highly anticipated PC port is set to be revealed before the year’s end.


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