2023, DECEMBER 18 – In the bustling city of Singapore, a palpable excitement is building as football enthusiasts gear up for an event that transcends the ordinary. LMTB Global FC, a team comprised of iconic players from Asia and around the world, is spearheading an initiative that goes beyond the realm of conventional football. The Unity Through Football for SHINE Cup 2024 is not merely a tournament; it’s a grand celebration of unity, goodwill, and the creation of enduring memories.

Established in 2023, LMTB Global FC embodies the core philosophy of “Unity Through Football,” aiming to break down barriers, spread goodwill, and provide unique experiences for fans across the globe. Jason Ryan, the Managing Director, envisions not only unique football matches but a global movement that fills stadiums to capacity, spreading love, hope, and unity through the beautiful game.

As the world awaits the grand spectacle of the Unity Through Football for SHINE Cup 2024, it’s essential to highlight the significant events leading up to this moment. LMTB Global FC actively engaged in community events throughout 2023, laying the foundation for an unprecedented football experience. However, the spotlight also falls on a crucial segment of the event — the CF Charity Cup 2024 — showcasing LMTB Global FC’s commitment to empowerment through football.

Unity Through Football for SHINE Cup 2024:

The World Tour 2024 kicks off with a captivating showdown between LMTB Global FC legends and SHINE All-Stars at the Our Tampines Hub, Town Square in Singapore. The inaugural Unity Through Football for SHINE Cup 2024 promises an epic contest, featuring legendary players like Abbas Saad and Mirko Grabovac for LMTB Global FC, and Aleksandar Đurić and Shahril Jantan for SHINE All-Stars.

The event is not just about goals and victories; it’s a convergence of football and music, creating a legendary evening experience. Local football heroes from Singapore, including Rafi Ali, Malek Awab, Rezal Hassan, S. Subramani, Razali Saad, and Indra Sahdan, are gearing up to entertain the audience, ensuring that the experience goes beyond the boundaries of the pitch.

CF Charity Cup 2024 – Women’s Football Curtain Raiser:

Presented by Café Football Singapore, the CF Charity Cup 2024 steps into the limelight with a women’s football curtain-raiser showcasing the prowess of both Royal Arion WFC and Lion City Sailors WT. Under new ownership by Café Football, Royal Arion WFC has emerged as a dominant force in the FAS Women’s National League, claiming the championship in 2023 with an undefeated record. Similarly, Lion City Sailors WT, reigning supreme in the Deloitte Women’s Premier League, concluded the season without a single defeat, solidifying their status as indomitable forces on the football pitch.

The CF Cup, with its rich history since 2017, has evolved into a marquee event. From its inception with 32 teams battling in a 7-a-side tournament to the themed Nations Football 7s in 2018, it has been a celebration of football diversity and skill. Now, under Café Football’s ownership of Royal Arion WFC, the CF Charity Cup 2024 takes on added significance, emphasising empowerment in women’s football.

In Support of SHINE Children and Youth Services:

LMTB Global FC proudly aligns with SHINE Children and Youth Services for the Unity Through Football for SHINE Cup 2024. It’s not just about the action on the pitch; the event aims to raise awareness and support for underprivileged children and youths in Singapore. A significant pledge of SGD$5,000 from ticket sales underlines the commitment to making a positive impact.

In an interview with Mr. Lee Seng Meng, Executive Director of SHINE Children and Youth Services, the excitement about the collaboration is evident. Football legends participating in the event provide an incredible opportunity for children and youths to interact with role models, inspiring them to dream big and believe in themselves.

As the Unity Through Football for SHINE Cup 2024 approaches, and the CF Charity Cup 2024 takes center stage, LMTB Global FC invites the public to be part of these meaningful events. Gratitude is extended to event partners, sponsors, and the community for their collective efforts in creating a brighter future for children and youths.

Event tickets are available for purchase, prices start from $8 – $20 exclusively on SISTIC.


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