2023, SEPTEMBER 01 – Sony has announced a significant price increase for PlayStation Plus subscriptions, with the annual fee for the lowest tier rising from S$53.90 to S$70.90 starting from 6 September. Additionally, the higher-tier PS Plus Premium subscription, which competes with Game Pass by offering a substantial library of games including classics and game trials, will increase from $103.90 to $139.90.

Here are the new prices for PlayStation Plus 12-month subscription plans.

PS Plus Essential
Current: S$53.90 | RM159 | ฿1,190 | Rp559,000New: S$70.90 | RM235 | ฿1,830 | Rp709,000
PS Plus Extra
Current: S$89.90 | RM269 | ฿2,000 | Rp935,000New: S$120.90 | RM400 | ฿3,070 | Rp1,215,000
PS Plus Premium
Current: S$103.90 | RM309 | ฿2,300 | Rp1,075,000New: S$139.90 | RM460 | ฿3,530 | Rp1,395,000

This announcement was somewhat hidden in a PlayStation Blog post detailing the PS Plus games for September, including the 2022 Saints Row reboot. Sony explained the price adjustment as necessary to continue providing high-quality games and added benefits to its PlayStation Plus subscription service.

Current subscribers will not be affected by these changes until their renewal date, and the new prices do not apply to the pay-as-you-go monthly or 3-month subscription options. While annual subscriptions remain more cost-effective than monthly ones, the savings are now reduced. Previously, a year of PS Plus Premium offered a S$86.90 discount compared to the monthly rate, but now it’s only S$50.90 cheaper.

This price increase comes after Microsoft raised the Game Pass Ultimate price from S$13.99 to S$15.90 per month, with no annual discount. Even with the PS Plus rate change, a year of Premium remains S$50.90 cheaper than a year of Game Pass. While both services offer similar features, a significant difference is Microsoft’s commitment to making its first-party exclusives available on the service from the release date, which is not the case for Sony.

For example, Microsoft will release Starfield on 6 September, with early access for Game Pass subscribers who spend an additional $47.25 to upgrade to the Premium Edition. Sony has previously stated that doing the same with blockbusters like Spider-Man 2 would be financially unsustainable and could compromise the quality of its first-party games.


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