The Spanish goalkeeper was presented in Madrid by LaLiga president Javier Tebas and former teammates Fernando Sanz and Fernando Morientes.

 2019, MARCH 19 – Iker Casillas has become the first “LaLiga Icon”, a LaLiga initiative to continue growing worldwide driven by the popularity of players like the Real Madrid legend.

“This is a big step forward for us. Iker is a player with a huge number of followers of social media, some 45 million, and this is really important for us. He’ll also be the first sportsman to broadcast LaLiga matches outside of Spain,” said Javier Tevas, LaLiga president.

Casillas added that he feels “a great responsibility” as his name “will be linked to a great brand and represent all the people behind LaLiga.”

Also in attendance at the presentation gala held at the iconic Callao cinemas in the Spanish capital were Fernando Sanz, Director of the LaLiga Ambassadors program and Director of LaLiga’s MENA office, world champion figure skater Javier Fernandez and Fernando Morientes, a former teammate of Casillas at Real Madrid and today a LaLiga Ambassador.

Source: LaLiga

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