SINGAPORE, 2019, JUNE 11 – Did you know that the name Tampines dated back all the way to 1828 in the Franklin and Jackson map? Yes, it wasn’t a recent invention nor did it undergo any name change since then. It was named after Sungei Tampenus which was named for the tampines trees that were growing there and even till today, when there are no more ironwood trees (or tempinis) growing there, we still know the place as Tampines.

Tampines Rovers Football Club Badge:

A colour combination of Black and Yellow with a Gold-ish touch surrounding the STAG image.

Featuring the fierce stag emerging from the surreal dark purple woods, ready for battle.

Climate Change Impact:

The Ironwood Tree image (located at the reversed collar) colour changes (from darker shade of green to a brighter green) everytime the temperature in the surroundings vary.

Showing TRFC’s intention in raising public awareness and effort to go green, improved efficiency and reducing resource wastage through reuse, recycling and remanufacturing. To gain social benefits – better city living and environmental gains with reduced pollution.


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