2020, OCTOBER 12 – Singapore national team and Johor Darul Ta’zim (JDT) captain Hariss Harun is now the PSB Academy ambassador and student, taking up Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Business and Marketing with Coventry University.

In an exclusive interview with 1Play Sports, Hariss revealed that he is not leaving JDT despite all speculations from his recent social media posts. He is happy in the club and love to remain to develop as a player in the right direction – looking forward to more successful years ahead.

Approaching the “second half” of his career, Hariss has thought about life after football. Having seen his former team mates progressed with life in different paths after playing professionally, he felt that as a player, a father and a family man, he has to be prepared for the challenges ahead, which PSB Academy could offer the best opportunity.

Hariss studied in Diploma in Sports and Wellness Management that had many business elements – this interests him and wishes to continue that path. With PSB being a very well-known institution in Singapore and offered a different way to further his studies – he was convinced.


“I think this path gives me the best tools to be ready for the future. I have been in football for many years and the game is very close to my heart, especially in Singapore. I very much like to be part of its growth in the future to impart my knowledge, my expertise – to do that, I feel that I have to develop and learn more right now to equip myself with the right skillset to help the game or in whatever capacity. It is about getting ready,” he said.

Planning for future is key in Singapore’s competitive job market and Hariss has further reiterate the importance of being ready, especially for footballers. Without any prior experience in the workforce or other expertise, it is crucial to prepare ourselves for the competitive world out there – be it the younger or older players.

He also mentioned that it remains to be seen if he will stay in the football industry, but as of now, his target is to make change happen and grow Singapore football.

Hariss’ course will start in November and speaking about his recovery from the Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) injury he suffered earlier this year, “I am almost back, I have resumed light training with the team, taking a step at a time. Not exactly sure on competitive matches which depends on my recovery progress – all has been going well so far. After a long layoff and the awkward year everyone experienced – we are all looking forward to playing football again.”

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