2023, SEPTEMBER 29 – The day has arrived, and football gaming will never be the same. Today, on 29 September, 2023, Electronic Arts (EA) ushers in a new era in the world of virtual football with the highly anticipated launch of EA Sports FC. This momentous occasion not only introduces a new title but also bids farewell to the iconic FIFA franchise that has reigned supreme for decades.

Farewell FIFA: A Legacy Remembered

For many gamers and football enthusiasts, FIFA has been a constant companion throughout their gaming journeys. The franchise’s journey began in 1993 with FIFA International Soccer, and it quickly rose to become a global phenomenon. With annual releases, FIFA games brought fans ever-improving graphics, gameplay innovations, and up-to-date player rosters. However, in May 2022, Electronic Arts made a pivotal announcement: there would be no more FIFA titles from the gaming giant.

EA Sports FC: A Fresh Start

Stepping into the spotlight left vacant by FIFA is EA Sports FC. This isn’t just a name change; it represents a bold new direction in football gaming. EA Sports FC is poised to carry forward the legacy of its predecessor by offering gamers all the features and experiences they cherished in FIFA and more.

Cam Weber, the Executive Vice President of EA Sports & Racing, has reassured fans that EA Sports FC will retain the heart and soul of FIFA gaming. This includes beloved modes such as Ultimate Team, Career Mode, Pro Clubs, and VOLTA Football. In essence, EA Sports FC promises to provide the same exceptional experiences that have defined FIFA for years.

Digital Demise of FIFA Classics

As EA Sports FC takes the spotlight, the digital presence of FIFA classics has quietly faded away. Reports have surfaced indicating that previous FIFA titles, ranging from FIFA 14 to FIFA 23, are no longer available for purchase in digital format across various gaming platforms. This underscores the magnitude of the transition to EA Sports FC and EA’s unwavering commitment to its new football gaming intellectual property.

Players who wish to revisit these classic FIFA games will now have to rely on copies they already own and have linked to their user accounts. It’s a testament to the changing landscape of football gaming and the bright future EA envisions for EA Sports FC.

EA’s Vision for the Future

Beyond a mere rebranding, EA’s investment in EA Sports FC is evident in its strategic acquisitions. The gaming giant has secured naming rights for prestigious football competitions like the Italian Supercoppa and Spain’s top league, formerly known as Liga BBVA or LaLiga Santander. This demonstrates EA’s determination to establish its new intellectual property on the global stage. Starting from the 2023/24 season, LaLiga itself will be rebranded as LaLiga EASPORTS.

Conclusion: A New Dawn

As the sun rises on 29 September 2023, the virtual football world stands on the brink of a new era. FIFA gracefully exits the stage, making way for EA Sports FC. This transition signifies the end of an era and the beginning of something extraordinary in football simulation gaming. All eyes are on EA Sports FC as it prepares to kick off a new chapter, carrying with it the hopes and expectations of football gaming enthusiasts worldwide. It’s not just a launch; it’s a moment in history.


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